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Different Types of Buses: A Comprehensive Guide

The ideal kind of bus to rent relies mainly on your group size, spending limit, and desired amenities.  Here is a detailed look at each of the five different bus types:

School Bus

With their wide range of applications, renting school buses are quite popular. These vehicles serve as interesting and nostalgic settings for picture sessions and may even serve as a party bus while travelling to the destination. Renting a school bus is an affordable way to move large groups of people over short distances because it can accommodate up to 47 passengers comfortably.


Another affordable option for wedding parties is to rent minibuses. These vehicles are perfect for carrying smaller groups of passengers on shorter-distance journeys with lots of rest stops in between. Similar to school buses, renting a minibus is advised for any journey lasting less than three hours; nevertheless, it is also practical for shuttle services.

Coach Bus

The most luxurious form of bus available is the coach bus, commonly referred to as the “motor coach.” It has air conditioning, power outlets, a restroom on board, and high-speed WiFi. Coach buses, which can hold up to 55 passengers at once, are ideal for carrying bigger groups of people over long distances. The best option is to hire a limo to red rocks for a journey.

Mini Coach Bus

You may take use of many of the same features found on a full-sized coach bus while travelling in a smaller vehicle by renting a mini coach bus. A small coach bus can be utilized for both short excursions and longer journeys. Depending on the type, it has a capacity that falls between that of a minibus and a full-sized coach bus, seating up to 31 passengers.

Sprinter Vans

Sprinter vans commonly referred to as passenger vans, give passengers the unusual option of using their car, which helps lower the cost of your bus leasing. After all, the biggest factor affecting your ultimate cost is the driver’s time. Our Sprinter Van (No Driver) website provides all the details you need to get set up for that option if you’re interested in driving your rental car.

These vans are a realistic choice for smaller groups of people because they can accommodate up to 15 passengers at once. This kind of bus is frequently used for smaller wedding festivities like bridal showers or bachelor parties to keep the entire party together in a single, portable vehicle. In addition to having plenty of luggage space and vehicle-wide air conditioning, passenger vans also provide high-speed WiFi and power outlets.



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